About Us

Salarium is an Authorised Financial Service Provider

FSP Licence No 26552

Salarium’s promise to you is:

Help you with information to manage your health and get better faster. Do the things we say we will do. Provide the right answers to your questions. Promptly return all your correspondence. Educate you about the industry and the reasons we do the things we do. Keep in touch regularly. Be flexible to your needs and circumstances. Fast Facts: The Impact of healthcare on you or your business......

Healthcare spent accounts for nearly 9% of GDP in South Africa.

Department of health believes that compulsory medical scheme membership will alleviate the public health burden.

Every 30 seconds in the United States someone files for Bankruptcy in the aftermath of a serious health problem.

The USA spends 4 times more on healthcare than national defence.

Workers rank medical aid as the most important employee benefit.

South African companies lose more than R23m annually do to absenteeism.

Salarium is a privately owned Financial service provider which was established in January 2005 and draws on the extensive experience, skills and expertise of its founders with over twenty years of experience in this field.

Salarium's key mission is to utilize the relationships built up with the various reputable Financial and Insurance Providers in all aspects of planning depending on the needs of the client.

Salarium’s proficiency is embedded in its culture of a holistic team approach utilizing experience gained as well as experienced personnel with a very hands on approach.

“To be the preferred financial services and Implementation partner who is second to none”