Education Planning

Your child is your pride, your joy and your treasure - the greatest gift any parent can wish for. The greatest gift you in turn give your child is a proper education – the magic ingredient that opens up a world of opportunities for your child. It makes the difference between opportunity and mediocrity, between livings and merely making a living, it is the key to survival, freedom and choice. What more can you as a parent asks for your child’s future?

With education costs soaring, a proper education – which should be everybody’s right – is fast becoming a privilege, particularly if you have visions of tertiary education. Between 2002 and 2004 for example, university and technikon costs increased by around thirty percent. And, with the fierce competition in the job market, a tertiary education is becoming increasingly important to secure a job.

Funding your child’s education is probably one of the most costly investments you will ever make. All in all, for a child starting school in 2005, education costs could set you back by more than a million rand over a period of sixteen years. Not only are education costs soaring, they are also currently increasing at a much faster pace than inflation. With the demand for a good education, this trend is likely to continue. We at Salarium Financial Services can structure an education plan for your children.