Life, Disability and Dread Disease Cover

To meet the changing needs you face as you go through life. Salarium has flexible products to give you exactly the cover that you need to match your circumstances today, and adapt to your changing needs as they unfold into the future.

It allows you to tailor your contract to meet your own specific needs, whether you are looking for personal protection early in your working career, for family protection or even special benefits that apply uniquely to the self – employed.

It offers you a choice of contribution payment patterns to meet your different cash flow needs.
It provides comprehensive cover for your every risk requirement. It gives you protection against:

The risk of losing your income through some form of disability or impairment that prevents you from being

It gives you the opportunity to adjust your contract as your circumstances change over time. It has been designed in such a way that new options and benefits can easily be added to existing contracts, ensuring that you do not need to buy a new contract to get access to the latest options.