Pre-Retirement Planning

The only way to avoid the poverty trap is by planning properly for retirement. Retirement annuities, Preservation Funds, Pension Funds and Provident funds are important vehicles to help you achieve this goal, whether:

To supplement your retirement income from a pension fund of from other sources, or as a retirement planning vehicle on its own for individuals who do not have a company retirement fund, or to preserve an existing pension or provident fund payout on withdrawal from an approved fund for your retirement.

Salarium Financial Services range of retirement investments products offer investment flexibility to provide for all retirement needs;

The option to invest in portfolios that are professionally managed by leading asset managers in accordance with an individually identified risk profile. Offshore linkages provide the opportunity to create a Rand hedge. Switching funds is allowed at anytime; some portfolios offer valuable investment guarantees, an important consideration in today’s volatile markets. A phasing in option allows you to gradually expose your single premium investment to the market, giving you the benefit of Rand- cost averaging.