Short Term Insurance

Short term insurance.....Perhaps a phrase that nobody wants to hear, but undoubtedly one of the most important contracts any person or company should have. Whether you are an individual, a small business or a corporate company, insurance is essential to minimize any losses that may occur.

Insurance dates back to the time of the Babylonians where traders were encouraged to assume the risks of caravan trade through loans that were repaid with interest only after the goods had arrived safely. In London, Lloyds Coffee Shop 1688 was a place where merchants, ship owners and underwriters met to transact business. By the end of the eighteenth century Lloyds had progressed into one of the first modern insurance companies. The great fire of London in 1566 added to the development of insurance. After the fire 13000 had burnt to the ground and thousands were left homeless. Three quarters of London was destroyed and the city council realized that they must develop some type of fund that could help carry the financial burden in such a catastrophe. From the above it is clear that insurance is not a luxury but a necessity.

Paying a premium where you might not see a return could sound like money in the water but, if the loss does occur, you are left with peace of mind knowing you are covered... Due to the different needs of our clients we approach several insurers that offer different types of cover. Mutual and Federal, Metropolitan, Liberty Momentum to name but a few. With each request from a client, we negotiate with the insurer ensuring that the correct cover is in place. We also advise the client if we feel he needs a different type of cover or needs additional cover and in doing so always keeps the clients best interest at heart.

At Salarium Risk Solutions, you are not just a number your needs and requests are our number one priority and we always strive to give you peace of mind, knowing that your insurable interests’ assets are taken care of.